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Chicken Invaders

Chicken Invaders 4

Blast space chickens in Chicken Invaders

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  • by Anonymous

    its a mind sharpener..
    it sharpens my ability of thinking and it also improves my ability to think more faster. ...   More

  • Afeef Imran

    by Afeef Imran

    very nice game but there are only five lives i think there sould be 10 lives but the game is very nice and...   More

  • Shahida Memon

    by Shahida Memon

    we are restringing this game love chicken invaders.
    thank u so much supper,we like too much my children are res...   More

  • by Anonymous

    The game is incapable to move the player with the mouse..
    Well, it is good. The only thing I don't like in this ...   More